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What is SPAM?

SPAM is Emailing ANYONE, in bulk or by single mailing, about the WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Program, who has not specifically requested the information directly from you. Any SPAM complaint regarding the WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Program is cause for termination. This is a very serious matter. DO NOT send WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Promo Email to anyone who has not made a specific request for WebMusic-MusiqueWeb.

Note: If one of our Affiliates has spammed you, concerning our "Affiliate Program", you can advise us by clicking here.

Q: What types of advertising are considered SPAM?

A: Bulk Emailing (sending an Email advertisement to persons listed on an Email address lead list).

Advertising with bulk Email services (companies who will send an Email advertisement to persons listed on an email address lead list for you).

Emailing information about the WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Program to persons that you don't know, who didn't specifically request the information.

Using the WebMusic-MusiqueWeb BBS (Message board-Intranet) to promote other fundraising opportunities or subjects.

NOTE: The item, *** "Bounce-back Emailing" (sending an Email advertisement in reply to an Email advertisement that was sent to you "directly" [YOUR NAME was in the "To:" field] or "indirectly" [YOUR NAME was in the carbon copy {"Cc:"} field). *** -- even though it IS still considered SPAM by some individuals/Internet Service Providers (ISPs) -- has been amended to read:

"Bounce-back Emailing" WILL be permitted, but ONLY if YOUR NAME appeared in the "To:" field of an Email you received that promotes someone else's business opportunity. However, the WebMusic-MusiqueWeb URLs (ima-ami.org , webmusic-musiqueweb.org or wm-mw.org) must NEVER appear in ANY of the Emails -- or ANY other type of advertising -- used to promote the WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Program! ANY type of advertisement may ONLY contain the URL of YOUR "pointer page" or the URL of YOUR "domain"! You must, however, realize that if you are reported for SPAMMING -- and your ISP considers "Bounce-back Email" SPAM -- the ISP might terminate your Internet Service and remove your pointer page from the Net without asking any questions! If you use a "local" ISP, and you have a good rapport with them, you might ask them what THEIR policy is on "Bounce-back Email" in order to avoid potential problems.

You are NOT permitted to use "Bounce-back Email" if YOUR NAME did NOT appear in the "To:" field! For instance, you may NOT respond if your name appeared in the "Cc:" field, or the "Bcc:" (Blind Carbon Copy - YOU got the Email, but YOUR name did NOT appear in the "To:" field!) field! In other words, YOU were the "indirect" recipient! Further, it is YOUR responsibility to INSURE that you are responding ONLY to the ONE individual that sent you the original Email, and NOT to a "Cc:" (or "Bcc:") list that appeared on the original Email to which you are responding! Sending "Bounce-back" to anyone other than the ORIGINATOR of the initial Email is SPAM in the truest sense, and violates WebMusic-MusiqueWeb policy! Even if it is an "accident", such SPAM is cause for termination!


Q: Why can't I use a bulk Email list from a company that sells the Email addresses of people who have requested fundraising opportunity information?

A: These companies may not have a legitimate list of addresses. Even if they do, and you know the company is an honest one, there will always be at least one unhappy recipient of your advertisement that may complain. They may have forgotten that they requested the information, or didn't know what type of information that they were requesting when they submitted their Email address. It only takes one complaint to be shut down by an Internet service provider. Also, companies like AOL will block Email coming from "ima-ami.org", if they get enough complaints.

Q: Can I use WebMusic-MusiqueWeb webpage URL in my email signature?

A: No, direct your potential new Donators and Affiliates to your mirror site(s) or pointer page first.

Q: Why would anyone complain about getting an Email that they didn't request? Can't they just delete the message?

A: Yes, they can just delete the message. The problem is that people have to pay for their internet connection. Unsolicited email costs them connect time. They feel they had to pay for your advertisement. SPAM is similar to receiving an opportunity in the mail with postage due!

Q: Can't I just send my Email for my WebMusic-MusiqueWeb promos one at a time? That's not bulk Emailing.

A: No, it's not "bulk Emailing," but it will be received by people who have not asked you for the information, and that is considered SPAM by the WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Program.

Q: Why does WebMusic-MusiqueWeb even have a SPAM policy? Shouldn't we be allowed to advertise any way we want?

A: Even one complaint from a SPAM recipient, whether they requested the information or not, could cause the WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Program to forfeit its Internet presence. The "Powers That Be" will simply delete our "wm-mw.org" domains.

WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Affiliates represent the WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Program in all their advertising and their personal contacts with potential Donators. Everyone benefits from the WebMusic-MusiqueWeb image of having the highest integrity, and being the best quality corporation on the Net. We're committed to maintaining that image, and you should be too.

Q: What kind of advertising can WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Affiliates do?

A: Classified Ads are a terrific way to advertise! The classified ad sites get heavy traffic, and there are thousands of FREE classified ad sites on the Net.

Newsgroups are a good way to advertise, some even allow advertisements posted to their group. Some groups don't allow blatant advertising, but you can offer your input to the group. Using a signature at the bottom of your posting will let readers know who you are, and how they can reach you or your web site.

Email newsletter advertising is an inexpensive way to reach hundreds or even thousands of readers who are interested in fundraising opportunities. Writing articles on topics of interest, and submitting them to email newsletters or web sites, is a FREE advertising method! Include a resource box about yourself, and how readers can contact you.

Using banner ads on free banner ad sites, paid banner advertising, or banner exchange sites.

Putting up a home page offering information of interest to others, such as financial information or links. Hobbies, pets, or other personal interests are a good topic for home pages. Put a link on your home page to your WebMusic-MusiqueWeb pointer site.

Register your WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Pointer site with the major search engines.

Visit the WebMusic-MusiqueWeb BBS, Chat Room and Intranet often. Posts on accepted Internet Marketing methods and valuable marketing resources are added there on a regular basis. Visit the Guerrilla Marketing Online Site:

http://www.gmarketing.com .

This site offers thousands of marketing tips and articles, from the marketers who have actually used these methods with success. This site is anti-spam.

Q: What happens to WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Affiliates who do SPAM?

A: In order to protect the opportunity and the incomes of our Affiliates who ARE following the WebMusic-MusiqueWeb policies, we will enforce the following procedure:

Any WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Affiliate who SPAMS will be immediately terminated, if found guilty of any of the above practicies.

The WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Program and leaders advise that we all must follow the rules and regulations of current Internet etiquette. In order to maintain our image and protect the incomes of our Independent Affiliates, we must adhere to the strictest interpretation of SPAM.

WebMusic-MusiqueWeb has the highest aspirations of becoming the absolute best organization on the Net. We offer more benefits, more support, and FREE assistance to ALL of our Affiliates.

We also have a very good working relationship with our Internet Service Providers.

WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Affiliates who play by the rules have nothing to be concerned about. We're here for the long haul. A big thanks and congratulations to all of our WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Affiliates who are working hard and becoming successful at building the numbers of WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Network. We plan on creating the possibilities for a reliable income source for you, for many years to come.

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