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Helping independent artists utilizing a network of affiliates with a love for music...

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If you are an Independent Artist, Composer or Songwriter, special incentives are available to you for enrolling as an affiliate of WebMusic-MusiqueWeb.

Some of these incentives are listed below:

• One transactional and multilingual dynamic site encoded to your own name, with your photo or logo, your personal Musicography, plus your own 30-second voice message, if you want

• Free hosting of your Affiliate site for life

• One Control and Communication Center or CCC, where you can upload your songs, control your network and promote your Affiliate site, plus a lot of useful tools

• Free qualification in our system, a value of $99 US annually

• 33 1/3% on all $$$ spent on your affiliate site, even if a Visitor-Customer chooses songs from other artists. We pay the next day, by e-mail, for the previous day

• From 1% up to 3% on all $$$ received in your network, paid the last day of the following calendar month for the previous calendar month

• Share in the Artist's Pool, funded by global $$$ received from Affiliates and Visitors-Customers worldwide

• Thousands of links, for each song supplied, pointing to your regular Web site, if you have one, permitting you to sell more CDs and cassettes, and to book more contracts and shows, if you give us your details about who to be contacted.

• Possibility to work and collaborate with other composers and songwriters worldwide, for new songs or shows

• Status or rank increase for each new contributing artist sponsored by you or for each 10 songs added to the International Together Discography

• $10 US credit for each of your songs listed in the WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Together Discography, credited to your personal Download Center

• Retreat to the "Together House" that we already acquired, in Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, Quebec, Canada. We credit you 1 free week, at the "Artists House", for each slice of 10 original songs you write or compose.

We want to encourage you to create and contribute to the "Together Discography".

As an example, if you supply us with 150 songs, you will get 15 free weeks at the "Artists House".

Let’s promote your music together worldwide.

You never give up your composer and songwriter rights. You always remain the owner of your songs or creations.

Please read the artist invitation from the president of WM-MW, then enroll with us.

Click here for artist invitation, or click here to enroll now.

Revised February 19, 2016