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Customer-Visitor Agreement

Customer’s Agreement
Terms & Conditions

1. Customers can give as low as $1 US for 1 song, for Net delivery, or $99 US for any
combination of songs or clips.
They can, also, decide to save up to 85% by selecting monthly or yearly subscriptions.
The subscriptions are made through the Affiliates' sites or the WM-MW cooperative random sites.
Customers can use their credit card or bank account, on secure servers, or pay by money order
or certified check, to WebMusic-MusiqueWeb or WM-MW and sent to its head offices:

B.P. 400
19 Angus George Boulevard
H0M 1A0

Customers do not collect donations or subscriptions.
Customers do not sponsor Affiliates, artists, medias, organizations or other Customers.
Customers can share their Discography and the page “Chase the Ace” with their friends, on
social networks.
Customers do not earn shares or profits through the 1-2-3 Affiliate Program.
Customers may elect to upgrade as an Affiliate for free and earn shares and profits from their
efforts of collecting donations and subscriptions, selling raffle tickets, and developing their own
Customers and Affiliates network.
Affiliates' electronic applications and the "Policies & Procedures" may be obtained from the
WebMusic-MusiqueWeb cooperative random Web sites and those of its Affiliates.

2. This electronic application is not binding until received and accepted by WebMusic-

3. WebMusic-MusiqueWeb reserves the right to modify the "Terms & Conditions" from time to
time and such modifications and additions shall become a part of this agreement. These
modifications and additions will be posted on the cooperative WM-MW random sites and those of
its Affiliates.

4. Customers agree that they cannot recover by any means the donations made to WebMusic-
MusiqueWeb for their "Together Collections", songs, subscriptions, raffle tickets, in full
accordance with the Chart of the International Marketing Association, which WebMusic-
MusiqueWeb is a division of.
It is understood that the customer, buying raffle tickets, can participate in the raffles and have the
chance to be the national winner of the week or the international winner of the month, if he bought
an annual subscription.
This Chart has been granted on April 14, 1998, by the Quebec Financial Institutions General
Inspector, today Entreprises Registrar, under matricule number 1147610514.
The “Chase the Ace” international license has been granted to the Together International
Foundation, under number # LIPODI #SAG42WM/0518, for all of its members, residing inside or
outside Akwesasne.

5. Customers agree that they can use the songs for their personal use only, on their personal
computer, home and car sound systems, or any other mobile devices such as CD players, iPod,
iPad, etc...
They can also burn CDs, according to their taste, strictly, for their own personal use.

6. Defective tracks, due to mechanical failure of hard disk or so, may be replaced at no cost from
the Download Center. The URL to this Download Center is sent to you by e-mail, after your online

7. Customers can buy raffle tickets for as low as $1 USD per ticket, if they buy 20 tickets at a
time, from the raffle site of the Affiliate or volunteer working for an organization, a church, a social
club, an association, a group, a community media such as a radio or tv station, newspaper or
magazine, partners with us and properly authorized. With our best annual subscription, your
tickets cost only $0.75 each.

8. It is understood that WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Affiliate Program may change from time to time
and that there are no representations, warranties or covenants whatsoever with respect to any
matter including, without limitation, as follows:
(a) with respect to who may participate and provide songs and raffle tickets, from time to time, or
as to the terms and conditions concerning donations and subscriptions made by Customers and
(b) quantity, quality, fitness for purpose or any matter whatsoever in respect of the songs and
raffle tickets within the WebMusic-MusiqueWeb Affiliate Program from time to time.
The applicant understands that he/she is becoming a "Customer-Subscriber" in the WebMusic-
MusiqueWeb system, whatever the same may be, from time to time.

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May 31st, 2018