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About Us...

Welcome to the " Together Collection " !

Many people are asking us what is the " Together Collection ".

In fact, it was only an idea in 1997 when we started it, on a test basis, with only one song, the " Together Song ".

Before making it public, we had to solve many technical problems of encoding to be able to deliver the song on line.

We incorporated as the International Marketing Association in Quebec, Canada, on April 14, 1998, as a non-profit corporation.

We also designed our first static Web site, on a test basis.

On June 1998, we held our first press conference at " Maison de la Francophonie ", where were located our executive and administrative offices, up to the end of April 2005, when Quebec International Relations Ministry stopped its grants to " Maison de la Francophonie ".

We got numerous newspapers, radio, TV and Internet coverage. In fact, one TV show, shot by Radio-Canada, was aired in more than 54 countries on TV5 and RDI networks, plus the main cities of the world. One of our friends has even watched it in Kazakhstan.

In only 3 weeks, in December 1998, we received $70,000 US in donations from people of 31 different countries and we were in the obligation to refuse $80,000 US more, since we were unable, at that time, to accept any other credit card than Visa.

On beginning of 1999, Denis Champoux, joined us, as Vice-President, Artistic Production, and suggested to extend our concept to all independent composers and songwriters worldwide, in order to give them a chance to be known all over the world.

We then created the "Together Collection" and started to recruit composers and songwriters, along with recording songs for it.

After intensive researches, we determined that the posted value for 1 song would be $1 US, along with using 30-second online demos for our visitors and Affiliates.

Yvon Thibaudeau, who has near been raised in the radio station, CKRB Radio-Beauce, founded by his father, Yvon, and uncle, Charles, joined us and suggested the name WebMusic-MusiqueWeb to diffuse the songs.

We then registered all the domain names required to protect our network long term.

We also extended our first idea of helping only one cause to all organizations, Foundations, churches, social clubs, medias, individuals, etc..., with a good cause to finance on a continual basis, worldwide.

We then studied in depth the structural levels of many organizations in order to create a unique system, adapted to their fund-raising needs at local, district, regional, provincial (State), national and international levels.

We decided to use an Affiliate system, created by Michel J. Grenier, as done by E-bay, Amazon, etc.

Bruce E. Therrien, from New-England, who greatly contributed diffusing the " Together Song " from the early beginnings, joined our team as Vice-President, online systems.

We also decided to create dynamic Web sites, instead of static ones, in order to update and publish everything instantly, in real time.

Bruce and his team developed all online databases and tools required to satisfy the needs of our Affiliates, including artists. Matt joined Bruce's team in 2016 and takes care of the network of  servers located in Russia, Malaysia, Mexico, United States and Canada.

Patricia-Ann Allan-Newman, from British Colombia, joined our team on November 2002. She acts as Vice-President of the WM-MW network with native segment and independent recording companies.

In fact, people from Quebec, New-England, California, Australia, United Kingdom, France, South Korea, Chili and Portugual, contributed to the development and translation of the WM-MW system. More than 100,000 hours have been dedicated to the "Together Project" development, not including the studios time for recording sessions.

We now have thousands of independent composers and songwriters from more than 77 countries, 5 continents, 12 languages, in more than 100 different genres.

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