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Dawn Marquis

Dawn Marquis


Dawn Marquis began singing and performing at the age of 4. Of Mohawk and Norwegian descent, Dawn was raised in her hometown of Kahnawake, Quebec, but spent some years in Phoenix, Arizona. Inspired by music artists of the 80's like: Madonna, Cher, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, Dawn grew up with a passion for music. Dawn has been professionally trained in singing, dancing, acting and modeling, and was actively involved in her local towns theatre programs and the Kahnawake Theatre Company. Jenny Kjono, Dawn's mother, had a long career in radio and exposed her young daughter to all genres of music and live performances. Dawn has developed her own unique Pop and R&B vocal style and delivers each song with passion, as she clearly enjoys the stage. Last year, Dawn was honored as a role model in her native community for all of her singing achievements in the: Honouring The Legacy Of Youth Excellence Poster Campaign. Radio stations have aired Dawn's music on: Kahnawake's K103 FM, was placed in the Top 30 on: NCI FM in Manitoba and made the Top 20 on: CFWE 96.7 in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Kimberley Dawn Noonan was born July 15tn, 1970, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She was born SAlena Leah , and of aboriginal descent. Kimberley was adopted in October 1970 by loving parents Ed & Dawn Noonan. As the eldest child of three, Kim is the sister to Shannon & Fletcher Noonan.
Ed and Dawn are a very big part of Kimberley's music background. Exposing her to different types of music they both loved. Elvis Presley, The Beatles and ABBA among many others were heard in the household every day. Kim was also privileged in celebrating her birthday at the Winnipeg Folk Festival every year until she was 14-years-old. This gave her an appreciation for the different types of music which would be a big influence throughtout her lifetime.
Before Kim was legally allowed into the nightclubs, she started singing Karaokestyle and was owning contest after contest. As she was taking either first or second place on a regular basis, Kim was truly starting to enjoy fame and taste of success. At this point, Kimberley Dawn knew she had a chance for a career as a performer.
While performing at a family function, Kim was introduced to Richard Grouette. Richard was working at the time as an Artist & Concert Promoter within the Aboriginal community. Having a strong knowledge of the music industry, combined with several years of success in the industry, Richard was quick to spot Kim's natural singing and performing talent. Within weeks, Kim was in the studio recording her first demo CD, one that was named in honor of her late Grandmother Lily who passed away in October of 2000.
To date, Kim has completed two full length projects, I'm going home and Healing Jane . I'm going home has spawned several successful singles and a new video was out in July 2004, supporting the newly designed packaging and mainstream country radio promotion. Healing Jane was released in July of 2004 and was a collaboration between Kim and her good friend Jane Chartrand.

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Choosin' to lose you
Choosin' to lose you
Dawn Marquis

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