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Laura Vinson

Laura Vinson


Returning to her Roots and her aboriginal heritage, a performance by Canadian Artist Laura Vinson has all the ingredients. Authentic Native sound, songs and stories about North American Indians mixed in a contemporary musical show. The ancestral spirit is audibly present when the Indigenous Dancers enter the stage and perform their traditional dances. Visually, emotionally and musically this is a glimpse into the life and history of Native North American Indians- you can feel the Spirits are there!
Laura Vinson was born and raised in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains near Jasper National Park.. Her metis heritage is Cherokee, Cree, English and French. In all her songs you feel the roots of her Aboriginal background.
The songs tell about the life of the North American Indians and their traditions. From her album, songs as 'Louisiana Purchase' tell a true story about her Cherokee Great-Grandmother who was purchased by her American husband for just a 'good horse and some blankets'.
Laura is a singer and songwriter, who is well known by North American audiences through her radio show 'Native Voices' and her many performances across the continent. She has appeared on major festivals like Merrit Mountain, Big Valley, 'Dream Speakers, Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Wabanaki in the Maritimes and festival of the Dreaming in Australia in 1997. She has made several appearances in Europe as a headliner in the Canadian All Star show which toured in Scandinavia, Belgium and the Netherlands. In 1997 she again performed at festivals in Denmark and the Netherlands. The predominant newspaper in Denmark, Jyllands Posten' was so enthusiastic about her presentation they gave her front-page coverage and another cited her as the best one the three day festival.
Laura Vinson was been nominated many times in the National Juno and Canadian country Music Awards from
1986 on. She and her band Free Spirit have many ARIA Awards for best Band, Vocalist, Album, Single and Song
from 1995 to 1998. This tells volumes about the longevity and artistic integrity of this entertainer.
The mucisians of the band Free Spirit are multi-instrumentalists and award winning professionals. Their authentic sound comes from the use of genuine, traditional instruments with contemporary production. With four vocalists the live harmonies are sometimes better than the record.
To be in the audience at a Laura Vinson & Free Spirit Concert is to experience what it was like to be part of the spiritual and tribal rituals of a time long past. One feels the Ancestral Spirits hovering over the performers especially when the Native dancers make their proud and mysterious entrances. Their dazzling outfits, dances, songs and drumming come from centuries of spirituality and tradition. It evokes a feeling of the past and present merging in Laura's songs,
the band's music and the ancient rhythms and melodies from the Native performances
A performance from Laura Vinson combines traditional music performed in a comtemporary presentation and
involves the audience in the other side of the Wild West way of life in historical and present day of North America.

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Laura Vinson

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