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How to use this site....

Registering to purchase raffle tickets from this site requires a valid e-mail address to receive your ID and password, and to receive copies of your tickets and receipt.
You can get a free secure e-mail account for PC, Android, or iOS. Get more information by visiting the link below.

ProtonMail Secure Email

You are free to use any e-mail provider you choose.
After getting your e-mail account, you can register to use this site by clicking the link at top of this page.

After registration, you may purchase tickets by logging in with your either your ID, e-mail, or phone number... and your password. Currently, we accept credit or debit cards, or cash.

You can purchase tickets on a weekly basis, or by subscription. You can save 25% by purchasing a yearly subscription.

Cash payments require that you pay for the tickets before the official drawing date printed on the ticket. You can pay at the office or venue of the raffle organization.

Good luck!