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    Current raffle statistics:

    Local jackpots shown are approximate,
    and based on current exchange rates.

    Weekly Consolation Prize: $179,82 CAD
    ( Approx $143.09 USD )

    Chase the Ace Local Jackpot: $179,82 CAD
    ( Approx $143.09 USD )
    Week: 1 -- Cards left: 52

    National Mega Jackpot: $63,18 CAD
    ( Approx $50.27 USD )
    Month 1 -- Cards left: 52

    Continental Giga Jackpot: $50.27 USD
     ( Approx $63,18 CAD )
    Quarter 1 -- Cards left: 52

    Worldwide Tera Jackpot: $50.41 USD
     ( Approx $63,35 CAD )
    Next Tera drawing date: 2021-08-21

Michel Grenier
WM-MW systems
International Coordinator

Salt Square
Sovereign Akwesasne
Government Men’s
Council Coordinator
Your local currency is shown throughout this site as a reference only, including the approximate jackpot totals and ticket prices. All final transactions through our payment processors go through as USD, and shares paid to you, if any, are in USD also. Final transactions are based on the current exchange rates and are updated every 6 hours. Future upgrades to the raffle sites may include full processing in your local currency, and making purchases in a currency of your choice.

Ticket pricing  
  1 ticket for $2,00 CAD
       or 52 weeks for $78,00 CAD  
  3 tickets for $5,00 CAD
       or 52 weeks for $195,00 CAD  
  8 tickets for $10,00 CAD
       or 52 weeks for $390,00 CAD  
  20 tickets for $20,00 CAD
       or 52 weeks for $780,00 CAD  
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